Lindale, Texas

Lindale, Texas is located in Smith County.  

During Smith County's 2016 Presidential Election 69.5% voted Republican, 26.3% voted Democrat, and 4.2% voted for other candidates. 


During the 2018 Republican Party Primary, voters had the opportunity to vote on proposition #7. This proposition gave voters the chance to voice their opinion if they were "In Favor" or "Against" this following statement: " I believe abortion should be abolished in Texas." In Smith County, out of 22,594 votes, 17,190 voted in favor of the idea of abolishing abortion in the state of Texas and 5,404 voted against the idea abolishing abortion in the state of Texas.   

The population of the city of Lindale, Texas is 6,149.

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CRIT-LARGE - November 6th, 2019

The Continued Texas Fight to Outlaw Abortion

By Preston Tyler

Sanctuary Status

About the Ordinance

The Lindale Ordinance

First Pitch 

January 7th, 2020


Why Lindale Residents Want To See Abortion Outlawed in Their City

"To make a statement that we are a city that is pro life, pro Bible, and pro Christian." - John W.

"Because everyone, even in the womb, has a right to live!!" - Merlene W.

"It is Murder." - Bradley R.

"It's not right to be able to kill children born or unborn. I believe it should be outlawed because no matter what, it is murder. We all have a right to live and the unborn deserves a voice and life." - Jeremy C.

"I believe abortion is murder. Everyone should have a chance at life." - Anna C.

"It's wrong. Babies didn't have a say whether or not they are born. Somebody has to stop killing babies." - Rebekka L.

"Life begins at conception by God's will alone and that life is in the Imago Dei. No one has the right to shed innocent blood." - Jason M.

"I believe in the right to life for the unborn." - Camilla F.

"I believe abortion is murder and is therefore wrong. Every life deserves a chance." - Melanie L.

"I believe life begins at conception and that society has a responsibility to protect life." - Wendy D.

"Because I believe in the sanctity of human life. All lives matter." - Jennifer B.

"Life matters, even the unborn life. Praying for celebrations of birthdays." - Shirley A.

“It's murder.” - Sam W.

"It is written, "blood pollutes the land." Abortion is the shedding of innocent blood. For the unborn, for this land, and for fear of God, we must stop shedding innocent blood in this land." - Paul F.

“Murder is wrong! Killing of innocent babies is an abomination! End this despicable movement of abortion!” - Hannah W. 

“Stop the terrible sin of murdering our children before or shortly after they are born and saving our country or at least our city from God’s wrath.” - David and Mary N.

“I am for the life of the unborn.” - Rosemary M.

“I believe that abortion is murder of helpless innocents.” - Frances M.

“Outlawing the heinous practice of abortion city-by-city is another step in the right direction that sends a message to the general public and the high levels of government that preborn human life is valuable and worth protecting by law. At the same time, we must also work to bring positive, life-affirming solutions to reach those who are abortion-minded, especially vulnerable women and girls in crisis pregnancies.” - Jackie and Larry M. 

“I know that God hates the taking of life at any age, but I feel especially someone needs to speak up for the protection of the unborn.” - Carole R.

“Life begins at conception!! God is the creator of all life and we are created in His image! Every life has value and God has a plan for every life. An unborn child does not have a voice; therefore, we need to stand up for these children and be a voice for them that cries out to ‘live.’” - Janna M.

“I am pro-life so I want to see abortions outlawed. Why am I pro-life? I had an abortion when I was 18 years old. It ruined my life for over 30 years. I don’t want to see any other human go through the devastation that an abortion causes. Abortion is murder because life begins at conception.” - Joy D.

“It’s against God!” - Linard A.

“Abortion is immoral.” - Michael L.

“Because I don’t believe in abortion. I believe it is against God’s will.” - Kathleen W.

“Abortion is not in God’s will.” - James B.

“We all should have a chance to live.” - Michael P.

“The unborn have a right to life.” - Bracy T.

“It is murder and we need to change the social norm. Adoption options!” - Merida S.

“Because abortion ends lives, I desire to see it outlawed.” - Kara F. 

“Abortion needs to be outlawed everywhere.” - Lornita T. 

“Because unborn children are alive and abortion is sacrifice. Evil sacrifice.“ - Hayden O.

“Because I believe it is murder of an innocent baby that is supposed to be protected.” - Judith F.

“Yes, I want to see abortion outlawed in Lindale, Texas.” - Kim Y.

“It is a matter of faith and a need to protect those babies.” - Henry Richard M.

“Life is precious. It begins at conception.” - Gina S.

“It is against God!” - Richard W.

“I want to see abortion outlawed everywhere.” - Brett H. 

“Life is a gift.” - Leighann Q.

“Yes, I want to see abortion outlawed.” - Shane S. 

“It’s against God. And it’s murder. Killing an innocent child.” - Rogelio R. 

“It is murder and against the laws of our Holy God.” - Joshua C.

“It’s God’s desire to see abortion outlawed!” - Marianne K.

“The right to life. It’s biblical.” - Rev. James L. 

“It is against God.” - Joseph K.

“Because my ex-wife committed abortion several times out of spite towards me.” - Joe N. 

“Yes, I want to see abortion outlawed in Lindale, Texas.” - William M.

“Because it’s evil and against God’s will. Life matters.” - Brandon H. 

“Abortion is against God. Abortion is evil.” - Juan B.

“I want to see abortion outlawed in Lindale, Tyler, and the United States.” - Andy G.

“Stop killing babies.” - Charlotte and Joe F.  

“Because all life deserves the right to live.” - Daniel R. 

“Everyone has the freedom of living. Jesus makes all and in God’s will, babies should live.” - Anita Q. 

“As Christians we are called to stand for life and we believe life begins at conception.” - Krysta H.

“Because every baby is a living human being and abortion is killing an innocent person. I do not want innocent people to die.” - Pastor David H.

“Human life is sacred and needs protecting.” - Joseph F, Jr. 

“Babies are human life without a voice yet, so I am speaking up for them and their rights.” - Clint H.

“It’s not God’s plan for innocent children to die that don’t have a say. I believe it is murder that is sadly thought of as a choice a woman should have. People have been deceived to believe that it isn’t bad/sin by people who are non Christians generally. Abortion is essentially destroying a life that is uniquely created by God and a representation of God that has never been seen but outlawing abortion would give every child a chance.” - Enoch S.


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