In June of 2019, Waskom, Texas made a bold move to outlaw abortion in their city, becoming the first Sanctuary City For the Unborn by ordinance in America. 

Since we spearheaded the initiative many other cities have reached out to us wanting to follow in the footsteps of Waskom by outlawing abortion in their own city and declare themselves a Sanctuary City for the Unborn. 

Will your city be next?


When seeking to outlaw abortion in your city many factors have to be taken into consideration. Are there currently any abortion clinics in your city? Are there any doctors that perform abortions in your city? Does your city have any pharmacies? If yes, do the pharmacies in your city sell the morning after pill? Is the morning after pill sold at any of the retail stores in your area? 

These questions, among others, are just a few of the many questions that we like to work through with each city which is considering outlawing abortion.


The answers to these questions makes a difference concerning the ordinance that is recommended for your city. The ordinance that was adopted in Waskom effectively outlawed abortion within the city of Waskom and banned the sale and distribution of "emergency contraception." Every ordinance that we have recommended to cities outlaws abortion and bans surgical and medical abortions. However, not not all ordinances we have recommended bans the sale and distribution of "emergency contraception."  Every city is different.

The ordinance that worked for Waskom may not work for your city. This is why it is crucial that an ordinance is tailored to specifically fit your city. 


But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Having the right ordinance for your city is only part of the process. There must be strong support from those in the community who live within the city limits. 

There is also a need to connect with your City's Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and communicate with the City Attorney - but all this should, ideally, come after and not before a strong network of community support is established.

You could have the perfect ordinance for your city, but if you do not have the votes on your City Council then the ordinance has no chance on being enacted.


Some of you who are reading this are ready for your city to outlaw abortion NOW. We want you to know that we are totally with you! We do want to remind you, however, that outlawing abortion in your city is a process. That process is one that needs to be done right to the best of our ability.

With that being said, we would love to come alongside you and help your city like we helped the city of Waskom, Texas and outlaw abortion within your city limits! 




Individual Petitions are extremely helpful for the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn Initiative. These individual petitions help us behind the scenes with getting the Sanctuary City For the Unborn effort mobilized in your city. These petitions should not be given to the City Council members but should be collected and returned to the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn Initiative. 


Wet Signature Petitions are also extremely helpful for the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn Initiative. These group petitions help us with making the case to City Councils that this is an ordinance that the people of their city want. All wet signature petitions should be collected and returned to Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn. They should not be immediately given to the City Council. We do this so that we can keep an accurate tally of how many signatures we have, to eliminate duplicates, and to deliver to the council all at once instead of in spurts. Please contact us and let us know about your current petition collecting efforts in order that we can work with you and your city and to prepare a version of the ordinance that is tailored to fit your city.  

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