Henderson, Texas

Henderson, Texas is located in Rusk County.  

During Rusk County's 2016 Presidential Election 76.7% voted Republican, 20.6% voted Democrat, and 2.7% voted for other candidates. 

During the 2018 Republican Party Primary, voters had the opportunity to vote on proposition #7. This proposition gave voters the chance to voice their opinion if they were "In Favor" or "Against" this following statement: " I believe abortion should be abolished in Texas." In Rusk County, out of 5,595 votes, 4,358 voted in favor of the idea of abolishing abortion in the state of Texas and 1,237 voted against the idea abolishing abortion in the state of Texas.   

The population of the city of Henderson, Texas is 13,812.

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Henderson Speaks Out!

Why Henderson Residents Want To See Abortion Outlawed in Their City

Why Henderson Residents Want To See Abortion Outlawed in Their City

Why Henderson Residents Want To See Abortion Outlawed in Their City

"I think EVERY city should outlaw abortion. I just don't understand how a civilized people, whether religious or not, can rationalize within their self that it's ok to exterminate human life. What does that say about us as humans? The world spends untold amounts of money searching our universe for signs of life. The smallest known organism "capable of independent growth and reproduction" is a type of parasite while the smallest creature with a detectable heartbeat is a type of fly that is only like .2 mm in size. Consider if either of these were discovered on Mars and the motions that would be set into effect to preserve that "life" would be immeasurable. Put that beating heart within the HUMAN baby that is also "capable of independent growth and reproduction". Please explain to me how we, as humans, could even fathom willfully exterminating this human life and justifying this action as if anything but immoral and unethical. Henderson is a very christian town. It's one of the things that I love about it. There is no argument that can be made that God, our creator, is ok with our extermination of human life. Many people try to justify it, but let's just be real here. That said, I just don't think the people of Henderson want, or should have clinic here. And that could very well happen if Henderson doesn't proactively put rules in effect that protects our town from it. We cannot control any other town, but we can decide what we want, and do not want, within our town." - Scott D. 

"Innocent babies deserve a chance at life. Period." - Scott M.

Why Henderson Residents Want To See Abortion Outlawed in Their City

Why Henderson Residents Want To See Abortion Outlawed in Their City

"Simply put, it is a sin against God." - Michael C.

"Because it is against Gods commandments." - Jean C.

"I am a mother of two and a christian and I believe that all unborn babies have the right to live no matter what. I also believe that adoption is better than murdering the unborn." - Sonja W.

"Abortion is murder, plain and simple. So much hurt, pain, shame, and guilt happen as a result of abortion. It destroys much more than the individual life of a child. May God show Himself powerfully through this undertaking!" - Timothy P.

"Abortion is murder of the most heinous kind. It is the murder of the innocent and defenseless. It is the violation of the human contract built into the heart of humankind to protect the children. I pray for the day we will look back at our abortion practices with the same horror land dread as we do slavery and the holocaust. We may not be able to change these atrocious laws at the national level yet, but we can at least do our part to limit the impact that our community has on ending the precious lives." - George M.

“Because it's murder and murder is wrong.” - Benjamin H.

"Abortion is a violation of human rights and the law of God." - Anthony B.

"Every life matters. I have five adopted sons. I'm adoption motivated and have many friends who would also love to adopt a child if a mother chooses life and cannot take care of her child." - Maureen D.

Why Henderson Residents Want To See Abortion Outlawed in Their City

"I'm a firm believer in this country's constitution and the right to individual liberties. I think laws should be kept at a minimum and function solely to ensure the protection of our inalienable rights and ability to pursue happiness. It really all comes down to what defines life. We already have innumerable laws on the books for the purpose of deterring murder and other crimes against humanity - a testament to the value our society puts on the human life. 

The popular argument of it being the mother's body and her choice because the growing human inside of her cannot survive on its own outside the womb and therefore is not yet considered viable life - totally inconsistent with how we handle the end of human life.  Assisted living facilities dot our landscape.  Our elderly reach the point where they require help to live out their remaining days.  We do not question that. Because we value life.  Our babies also require an assistance but for a much smaller space of time. The woman carrying that child most often made the choice that created the tiny life growing within her.  I am not going to address the fringe cases of rape, incest, etc here as they do not make up the large majority of what we are talking about.  Do exceptions need to exist?  I'll leave that for someone else to answer. But do places need to exist where a baby can be safe and assisted until it can be viable?  Absolutely.  My God . . . how many lives have we already snuffed out that could have grown and held the answers to some of our world's biggest problems but they weren't given the chance?   I would be proud to be from such a place." - Laura D.

"Against my faith." - Claude R.