Colorado City, Texas

Colorado City, Texas is located in Mitchell County.   

During Mitchell County's 2016 Presidential Election 81.1% voted Republican, 16.1% voted Democrat, and 2.8% voted for other candidates. 

During the 2018 Republican Party Primary, voters had the opportunity to vote on proposition #7. This proposition gave voters the chance to voice their opinion if they were "In Favor" or "Against" this following statement: " I believe abortion should be abolished in Texas." In Mitchell County, out of 872 votes, 659 voted in favor of the idea of abolishing abortion in the state of Texas and 213 voted against the idea abolishing abortion in the state of Texas. 

The population of Colorado City is 4,146.

On January 14th, 2019 the City Council of Colorado City voted on the Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinance. The vote was 5 in favor and 1 against. In taking this action the City of Colorado City became the ninth city to outlaw abortion in the nation. 

In the News 

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Sanctuary Status

First Pitch

December 10th, 2019

Second Pitch / Vote

January 14th, 2020

Result: Ordinance Passes, 5-1

Result of Vote

Surgical and Medical abortions are outlawed in Colorado City, Texas. The sale and distribution of Emergency Contraception is also outlawed.

Colorado City Speaks Out!

Why Colorado City Residents Want To See Abortion Outlawed in Their City

"Because it’s murder!!" - Julie L.

"Life begins at conception and only the Creator of life should determine when that life ends. Abortion is murder." - Crystal H.

“It’s morally wrong.” - Michael K.

“I believe that human life should be regarded no matter how small.” - Stefani W.

“It’s against my Christian beliefs.” - Paul B.

"A fetus is a person from the moment of conception, anything that physically or chemically done to this fetus with intent to end the pregnancy is murder. And, last I checked, there’s a commandment that covers that...." - Jennifer H.

"I don't agree with it." - Jessica W.

"Murder is a sin." - Kaci R.

Pro-life. Life is precious and the moment a child is conceived that life begins. I believe abortion is against God and His Word.” - Dana M.

“All babies should be given a chance at life and have the right to life.” - Kelsey R.

"Life is a miracle created by God, and abortion is murder!" - Matt H.

“Abortion violates my Christian beliefs. I believe it is damaging to the woman having the abortion and is murder of the child. I believe our city can provide women better more compassionate options than abortion.” - Kristin B.

“I don’t agree with it.” - Jessica W.

“Murder is a sin.” - Kaci R.

“Life begins at conception. Abortion is murder. I choose life.” - Jennifer H.