Cisco, Texas

Cisco, Texas is located in Eastland County.   


During Eastland County's 2016 Presidential Election 86.3% voted Republican, 11.1% voted Democrat, and 2.5% voted for other candidates. 

The population of Cisco is 3,913.

In the News

The Texan - November 22nd, 2019

‘Sanctuary City for the Unborn’ Ordinance Passes in West Texas Town

By Daniel Friend

Cisco Speaks Out!

Why Mount Vernon Residents Want To See Abortion Outlawed in Their City

"Abortion is murder." - Carolyn C.

"It is unjust. It desecrates the family bond. It makes Yahweh weep. It destroys our nation." - Ruth Y.  

“Please make our County a sanctuary for the unborn!!” - Jody F.

"We have to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves." - Michael J.

“To protect the unborn from abortion.” - Matthew H.

“Unborn babies are living humans with rights!” - Jordan M.

“Psalm 139:13 says, ‘For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.’ Who are we to undo what God has done?” - Josh W.

“Killing innocent babies is murder and that is against the law! If we no longer continue to replace ourselves we will become extinct.” - Ricky L.

“I believe abortion is a dangerous practice that the majority of women who decide to undergo the procedure don't know what it does to there body's. I want my city to become a place where women can come and be welcome to give birth to and raise their child away from the worries of this judgemental society.” - William O. 

“Humans have an inherent value despite any form of parentage. The baby does not ask to be created. Women have other options other than to kill a child. Abortions do not erase any trauma deriving from a mothers unfortunate circumstance or unfortunate decision. Arguably they add to it. They are also not 100% safe for the mother and have a 100% mortality rate for the infant in one way or another. Our town has a crisis pregnancy center and should strive to be supportive of a mother (no matter the age or circumstance) to do what is best for her and the child, not just choose the way that seems easiest at the time. (Abortion may not be easy for all to 'choose' but all too often it is fed to people as a one step cure all to a situation when, infact, it is not) Abortion is a life changing proceedure and while people often regret Abortion, I have not met a person that regrets choosing life.” - Kaylen O. 

“I want to see abortion outlawed because it is murder.” - Andrew D. 

“It is murder and a sin. Innocent babies should not be taken from the place they should be the safest.” - Rachel L.

“I want abortion to be outlawed because it is murder & unconstitutional.” - Kara D.

“I want to see abortion outlawed in Cisco, Texas.” - Ethan C. 

“It is an unethical procedure that contradicts the scientific definition of life, violates the laws of our Creator, and violates the Constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” - Aiden H.

“To save babies lives.” - Levi W.

“Because abortion is killing innocent lives who never had a chance to live.” - Seth R. 

“Everybody needs a chance at life!!” - Darren L.

“Because it’s the murder of unborn babies.” - Andi M.