Big Spring, Texas

Big Spring, Texas is located in Howard County.   

During Howard County's 2016 Presidential Election 86.2% voted Republican, 10.2% voted Democrat, and 3.6% voted for other candidates. 

During the 2018 Republican Party Primary, voters had the opportunity to vote on proposition #7. This proposition gave voters the chance to voice their opinion if they were "In Favor" or "Against" this following statement: " I believe abortion should be abolished in Texas." In Howard County, out of 2,067 votes, 1,608 voted in favor of the idea of abolishing abortion in the state of Texas and 459 voted against the idea abolishing abortion in the state of Texas. 

The population of Big Spring, Texas is 28,862. 

In the News

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Big Spring Council Opts Not to Vote on Measure to Outlaw Abortion 

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Sanctuary Status: Presented

About the Ordinance

 The Big Spring Ordinance 

First Pitch

November 12th, 2019


First Vote

December 10th, 2019

Result: Tabled 5-2

Next Scheduled Vote

January 14th, 2019 


Why Big Spring Residents Want To See Abortion Outlawed in Their City

 "Because we know that life is a gift from God and should be cherished as such." - Keith S. 

"After having made a decision nearly 40 years to have an abortion it has haunted me to this day. It is indescribably harmful to the mother and ends the life of a precious baby." - Debbie S.


"Abortion is murder. Plain and simple. It’s against Gods law. We as sinners do not have the right to decide who lives and who dies." - Wade I. 

"I think the Bible is clear on this subject. And we need to act accordingly to what God has commanded of us." - Jesus A. 

"I believe in the Biblical definition of life, and that life begins at conception. All life is valuable, and must be protected as such. " - Christa I. 

"It's murder. Babies can't defend themselves. " - Lindsey P.

"Conception produces a human person made in the image of God. Therefore, abortion at any stage and for any reason is murder." - Chance N. 

"Abortion is murder, it is one of our nations most evil acts. We must protect the voiceless." - Amber N. 

"I am a mother of 9 and my beliefs are against abortion. - Linda B.

"I believe life is life from conception." - Phillip A.

"Because I believe life starts at conception and abortion is murder. Murder is against God’s law and man’s law." - Carrla C.  

"Biblically abortion is a sin that we will all be held accountable for allowing." - Terry N. 

"Abortion is murder." - Brittany M.

"Murdering the unborn is cruel and barbaric. It is God who gives life, and He will hold people accountable for butchering and pulling apart children, limb from limb, when they are not guilty of anything." - Tom L. 

"Because I believe it is wrong to kill unborn children." - Michael C. 

"They are killing babies." - Esbeida N. 

"If my mom had listened to her doctor, that abortion was the only option to save her life, I would not be here." - Jeremy G.

"Killing babies is killing the innocent. The innocent deserve better. Killing babies is not in accord with God's will. Save the unborn." - Ken T. 

"I’m pro life." - Nathan T. 

"I strongly believe abortion is murder." - Tamara P.

"It is wrong and is murder of innocent life!" - Channin V.

"Because it is completely against what the Bible teaches." - Kylee P.

"I believe Gods word is that every life is a gift from Him and abortion is murder. Too many people looking to adopt when people kill innocent lives." - Sam C. 

"God is the only one who can determine when life begins and when it ends." - Jen H.

"Because it is murder of unborn children and unbiblical." - Cornelius D.

"Because it’s Gods will. We should not be able to murder the unborn. It’s life at conception and that means it's a baby / person." - Jullian G. 

"Someone needs to be the voice for those who can't fight for themselves. " - Saige B.

"It’s Murder." - Kevin B.

 "I speak for human life. An infant is a human at conception at its most vulnerable time." - Barbara E. 

"Babies are living beings, it is murder." - Jennifer P.

"I am pro-life." - Donna W.

"It is a wicked sin." - James W.

 "Pro-life." - Ashley K. 


"Abortion is murder. Period! I was told during each of the 3 pregnancies I carried to full term that they were dying, that I needed to have an abortion to speed up the inevitable process. Those “fetuses” are now 22, 20 & 17 years old. My 20 year old I was even told there was no longer a heartbeat but I refused to believe the doctors and was right. My husband of 24 years almost wasn’t born, his mother went to abort him but had a change of heart while at the clinic. I thank God that the people that mean the most to me, my husband and 3 children were not aborted as doctors would have done and wanted to do and end each of those 4 lives. Abortion is murder. " - Candice S.

 "I feel that abortion is murder, which is against the law in every state of our country. Our country cares more about the treatment of animals and saving the environment than about a human life. The time for birth control should be BEFORE conception, not after. Abortion should not be used as a method to get rid of an already living being. I just watched the movie UNPLANNED a few weeks ago and it is one of the most powerful I've ever seen. Planned Parenthood is not about women's health, it is totally about making money by killing babies. Watch it and learn the truth." - Lorinda H.  

"It is murder." - Cameron C.

"I don't believe in it." - Abba B.

"I would like abortion to be outlawed because every life should have the opportunity to live. Who are we to decide who is given the opportunity to live and who shouldn’t? We are all created equal, none us are more superior than others. A child is not an illness that you can try to get rid of because you don’t want it in your body. There are plenty of options now days to prevent a pregnancy. For those who have been raped, I know it’s a traumatic awful experience, I believe that the woman in that instance would have to choose if the perpetrator will have one victim (herself) or two (the child). Who is to say that that child may bring happiness to the family who has been trying for years to have child? Or that this child will be the one to find a cure for a horrible disease?" - Brenda V.

"Where do I start? First and foremost is because abortion is taking an innocent life, we know from the time of conception this is a BABY, not a blob, with feelings and a soul. Second, because we are lying to the young people in our lives, telling them to go out and have "fun" and we will take care of the "consequences." We rip the child from the mother, pat her on the back and send her on her way, but she is completely broken with no support. We are also learning that abortion can come with some serious health consequences in the future for these moms, like cancer. Third, and one of the more disturbing aspects is it allows sex trafficking and abuse of minors to continue. It allows predators to continue to rape these girls, and utterly destroy them. This must be stopped, we have to protect our babies by making it very difficult to murder them, and by also providing education and alternative care for these scared moms and their unborn child." - Kara S. 

"Because they are killing innocent children of God whom he has given to us. Ripping them from the mother's womb is cruel. That child can possibly be the next person to cure cancer, preacher of the Gospel, or president of the United States. That child from the time of conception is a life not something to throw away because you are not ready to take care of that child. There are people who are willing to take and raise that child, ones who can not have children." - Patricia A. 

"I don’t believe that we have the right to take the life of an innocent child. There are many available alternatives for these precious lives." - Amanda B.

"Must protect the unborn, as they cannot protect themselves." - Karen D.

“I do not approve of abortion.” - Rhonda D.

“Because that is murder.” - Courtney Y.

“When any society refuses to recognize that “All Humans” are created in the Image of God, Life becomes a group of cells, and the taking of life becomes insignificant! Abortion is one symptom of a much larger problem.” - Ken M.

“I’m pro-life.” - Pam R.


“Innocent life should not be taken.I am an ambassador for the Like Center of Big Spring and support life at every age especially the preborn.” - Linda T.

“We need to be the voice of the unborn. It should not be legal to murder an unborn child.” - Nancy R.

“Because it's murder!!!” - Quimbly W.

“Because it’s legalized murder.” - Jacob G.

“The Lord created every single child, whether on earth yet or not, and it is not our decision as to whether or not that precious human gets to walk this earth.” - Megan H.

"Because my wife and I adopted our daughter." - Lonnie S.

“It is murder....cruelty…” - Maxine M. 

"I believe it is a crime to kill babies.” - Rebecca W. 

“I believe it is murder.” - Diana V. 

“The unborn child is a life and all life should be protected. Abortion is murder.” - Kenneth D.

“Yes, I very much believe birth at conception.” - Charlotte M.

  “There are many choices in today's world to avoid unwanted pregnancy. One choice should not be the outdated, cruel, medieval practice of murdering a child.” - Stacey C. 


“Don’t believe in killing babies. Should be against the law.” - David L.

“I believe its murder.” - Monica H.

“I believe that no unborn child should be aborted. There are plenty of people who can not have children that would love to adopt an unwanted child.” - Suzanne I. 

“God's word makes it clear that killing the innocent is wrong.” - Leslie W. 

“That is killing a human being. It is against our religión.” - Marylou S. 

“Pro-Life.” - Michael W.  

“I believe a baby is a baby from the time it’s conceived. Every baby deserves life. If the mother wanted to not have children then the steps should have been taken before the child was conceived. It may be her body but at the time she becomes pregnant she is sharing that body with another LIFE. #chooselife #everybabymatters #notjustaclumpofcells" - Rachel R.

“To help protect the innocent babies who have no choice.” - Jo M.

“It is murder.” - Carrie Fox

“Every child conceived deserves a chance at life. I feel the practices of abortion are unethical and should not be allowed.” - Terri C. 

“My faith, my personal opinion, and some cold hard logic.” - Joshua M. 

“It’s against God’s law to kill!” - Joanne S. 

“Because it is the taking of an innocent child’s life.” - Cruz O.

“Every life, no matter its stage, has intrinsic worth. The worth of God is in my lungs and expressed in every breath. To cherish the life gift is our highest and noblest calling. It is a fulfillment of the greatest law “To love the Lord your God with all your being & to love your neighbor as yourself “. To destroy life that we did not and cannot create or restore is to use God’s gift of our life to violate the gift of life He gave to another. It is a violation of the highest order. For without life all else falls in utter ruin.” - Jeffrey W. 

“It’s human life- why would we ever approve murder of innocent babies? We have to be their voice because they don’t have one yet. If we can have tons of animal shelters , surely we could do better for humans.” - Cheryl E.

“It’s murder except in extreme cases where the mother is in danger of dying.” - Natalie P. 

“It’s murder.” - Valerie K.

“Against my beliefs and not biblical.” - Barbara M.

“Abortion is murder and it’s inhuman.” Karlie W.

“Because it is Murder , plain and simple.” - Martin K.

“It is against the heart of God. Life is God’s gift to mankind to be cherished, loved and protected.” - Michelle K.

“Because it’s cruel and children are a gift from God.” - Corlene M. 

“God gives life and every life has a purpose” - Daun G.

“God created them in His image and knew them before they were in their mother’s womb!” - Alexis H.

“Because I believe babies are human beings from the time of conception.” - Deanna B.

“All life is precious!! We must fight for the lives of those who are most vulnerable and cannot fight for themselves!” - Loretta N.

 "It is just wrong! The Bible says "Thou shalt not kill" and I trust and believe what my God say's and I just believe as a person and a woman that children are gift's from God, and they all need to be born into this world if a person can't take care of them so many people who can't have children or who just choose to adopt would take them and love and give them a wonderful life I will be proud to live in a Sanctuary city. " - Lisa T. 

"My wife and I believe life begins at conception and abortion is murder except in the case of the mother's life." - Lloyd T.

"Because according to the Scriptures abortion is the same as premeditated murder. I am pro-life 100% according to God's Holy Word." - Billy C.