Gary City, Texas

Gary City, Texas is located in Panola County.  

During Panola County's 2016 Presidential Election 81.1% voted Republican, 17.6% voted Democrat, and 1.3% voted for other candidates. 

During the 2018 Republican Party Primary, voters had the opportunity to vote on proposition #7. This proposition gave voters the chance to voice their opinion if they were "In Favor" or "Against" this following statement: " I believe abortion should be abolished in Texas." In Panola County, out of 3,424 votes, 2,754 voted in favor of the idea of abolishing abortion in the state of Texas and 670 voted against the idea abolishing abortion in the state of Texas.   

The population of Gary City, Texas is 303.

On October 17th, 2019 the City Council of Gary City voted on the Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinance. The City Council voted to table the ordinance.

Since the City Council of Gary City did not vote the ordinance down but tabled the ordinance for a possible future vote and since there are several within the city who are interested in seeing their city outlaw abortion - we consider Gary City to be a potential Sanctuary City for the Unborn. 

In the News

Texas Tribune - October 15th, 2019

Anti-Abortion Activists Take Their Fight To Small-Town East Texas

By Edgar Walters 

Sanctuary Status: Tabled

Currently Denying Sanctuary by the tabling of the Sanctuary City for the Unborn Ordinance.

Sometimes a city tables an item to be revisited at a later date and at other times a city tables an item with the intention to kill that item. 

While we are hopeful Gary City will take up this item for an action vote in the near future, their decision to delay action from protecting their city from the abortion industry leads us to, for the time being,  place Gary City in the Denying Sanctuary category. 


Why Gary City Residents Want To See Abortion Outlawed in Their City

"Unborn have no voice- life begins in the womb and should be protected." - Nancy A.

"I don't believe in it---against my faith." - Ray J.

It is murder and goes against GODS law's that are clearly laid out in the Bible as a rule and guide for our life." - Adam W.

"Because abortion is murder!" - Kathy E.